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Studio Catawampus contains the various artistic fiddlings of Rebecca Flaum, an artist, designer, and nerd from Portland, Oregon. Her art spans a wide range from geeky to slightly less geeky with occasional forays into cute and neato. There's no truth at all to the rumors that she rode a unicorn to school every day for five years. See more of her work at
So apparently Society6 has mugs now?? Anyway, they look awesome.

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Now that the 52 Portraits project is over I'm going to start posting some figure and face sketches I've been doing. It's the next regular exercise I'm working on.
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Alas the promo has ended. But I'll post about it again next time.

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My sister happened to look at George Takei's facebook banner the other day and noticed a familiar drawing in the collage.

Um, yep, that's right, he's got my Sulu painting in his banner!

I freaked out more than a little. I feel like I won all the internets.
I'm offering ONE commission at an artist auction for the Star Trek committee of Tumbl-Con USA. You should bid on me! I don't usually offer commissions so you may not get another chance like this for a while. <3

I have to take two weeks off from my 52 Portraits project, unfortunately. I've been dealing with bad migraines and I'm about to fly to Paris for a week, so I'm just going to hold off until I return. I promise to keep up with them then!
Hah, remember when I said I was going to post old portraits from the 52 Portraits series? I totally lied. Because I looked back at them and gods they're atrocious. I just don't want to look at them. Maybe there are a couple, like I did an okay Tenth Doctor that could see the light of day. But other than that I think we're just going to look forward.
Speaking of adding more art... I think I'll go back and upload all the portraits I've done so far for 52 Portraits. It may be a bit embarrassing to add old ones, but a little embarrassment is healthy. Right?
I'll be going through some old photos and posting some of them today, so keep an eye out.
It occurred to me I'm not sure I've ever explained my 52 Portraits project here.

Basically the idea is this: I needed some sort of creative outlet, and I'd learned from experience it needed to have strict limitations or else life gets in the way and I spend my evenings shaving yaks and fluffing the geraniums instead of creating things. I'd already done one weekly project that had come together quite nicely (book). And I encountered a digital painter whose work was awesome and who had a few wee tutorials on her site ( My background is in painting and drawing and it was only in college that I started to move toward photography and then graphic design for grad school. But I'd been missing the drawing, so I figured, why not try it out digitally?

So I set myself a challenge. One portrait. Every week. For a year. And I had to post them to my tumblr. The week limitation makes sure I don't get too precious about anything and start painting individual nosehairs while ignoring, say, basic facial structure. The posting online gave me an audience, someone to feel beholden to (even if it is just my sister). The year means I'm doing fifty-two of these things so I expect to see some damn improvement!

As I write this, I'm 19 portraits in. They've gone from being a mix of family, strangers photographed on the street, and celebrities to being mostly celebrities because, hey, I like the attention they get. I can admit it.

The problem I did not foresee? I am obsessed. I want to be working on the next portrait All. The. Time. I bring my tablet to work and break it out at lunch. I ignore my boyfriend and boring stuff like housework to draw instead. Very dangerous thing, art.